Welcome to the B-C-S Transportation Department.  

Please see below for important information about our department.  Our priority is to safely and efficiently transport students to and from school and other activities.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at (419) 898-6214. 

Director of Transportation: Mrs. Jeannie Behnken

Head Mechanic: Mr. Matt Chasteen

transportation forms and information

Bus Stop Policy

Students will be assigned one AM bus and one PM bus for the school year. The morning and afternoon addresses may be different upon parent/guardian request.  If a parent/guardian wants busing to a location other than home, it must be along a regular scheduled route and the bus must have space available.

Our Bus Drivers (as of 3/18/24)

Bus #1   Mandi Chasteen Bus #4    Paul Swartz Bus #5  Brad Lieske Bus #6   Diana Johnson 

Bus #9   Sharon Krieger Bus #14   Matt Lindsley Bus #15 Pam Eilrich Bus #18    Tom Serena

Bus #21  Pat Lemon Bus #23  Cindy Kinsey Bus #24  Brian Oestreich Bus #26  Cheryl Laughlin

Bus #28  Brenda Bear

Frequently Asked Transportation Questions for Students AND Parents

Our committed bus drivers prioritize knowing their students, mastering routes, and confirming pick-up and drop-off times. While pick-up times are generally within minutes, occasional delays may occur due to factors like construction, traffic, trains, or weather conditions. Our foremost objective is to ensure the safe transportation of your children. To maintain their safety, both drivers and students must adhere to specific rules. Take a moment to discuss these guidelines with your child, and if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact the Transportation Department at 419-898-6214.

Q: Does my child have an assigned seat?

A: All students shall have an assigned seat.

Q: Can my child move around on the bus while the bus is moving? 

A: All students must remain seated keeping aisles and exits clear.

Q: Why do buses stop at railroad tracks? 

A: It is a state law that all buses stop at all railroad tracks (unless an exempt sign is posted) and that all students remain silent during this procedure.

Q: Where does my child need to stand while waiting for the bus? 

A: Students shall be assigned a "designated place of safety" in a location clear of traffic and away from the bus stop.

Q: How does my child know the bus rules? 

A: The following resources are available: A list of rules is posted in the front of each bus. The student handbook covers transportation rules. Training is given to K-3rd graders every year. The Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 3301-83 is dedicated to pupil transportation safety. Bus drivers remind students daily of the bus rules.

Q: Are students allowed to cross the road? 

A: Students are allowed to cross the road. They are taught the proper safety procedure by the bus driver. We avoid crossovers on busy highways.

Q: I cannot see my child's bus stop from the house. Are there state laws that set the standards for bus stop location? 

A: No law requires a parent to see the bus stop from home. Students in Ohio may be assigned to a bus stop up to one-half mile from their home and we encourage parents to accompany their child to the bus stop whenever possible. This teaches the child safe habits of walking to and from the bus stop and may give the parent piece of mind. Bus stop locations are determined by each district's board of education.

Q: Are sidewalks required for my child to get to his/her bus stop? 

A: Many students walk alongside of roadways to reach their bus stop and in some instances no sidewalks exist. While we understand this may be of concern in some situations, the Department of Education does not promulgate bus stop placement. Issues relating to where a child's bus stop is located and safety concerns along the way to the bus stop must be addressed with the district in which you reside.

Q: I transport my child to a nonpublic/community school each day and just learned a program exists for reimbursement. How can I be reimbursed for transporting my child? 

A: As a parent, you should contact your public school district and request transportation. If it is not practical for them to do so, they will work with you to initiate a process to establish payment-in-lieu of transportation. Parents are not afforded the option of being paid for transporting their own child in cases where the service is provided by the district but is not the service parents prefer.

Q: I make my child wait inside of my house until the bus is at the stop. I have heard this is not allowed – is this true? 

A: Ohio law requires children to be waiting at the bus stop prior to its arrival. Bus drivers count the students at the bus stop before they load and as they get on the bus to ensure all children are safely on board. If students are not waiting at the bus stop the bus driver cannot count them and cannot be certain the students are all safely on board. Waiting at the bus stop before the bus arrives further ensures that no one chases after the bus – this is a very dangerous thing to do. Many districts also instruct their buses to not stop at locations where no students are waiting.

Q: My child has an IEP, but transportation is not being provided. Why is this? 

A: A child who has an IEP does not automatically receive transportation unless the IEP team writes this into the related services. If transportation is not included on the IEP, your child will be transported similarly to regular education students in your district.