At B-C-S, our objective is to educate students on bullying prevention strategies, emphasizing the identification of bullying and safe methods to stand up against it.

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If you think your child is being bullied, please do not hesitate to talk to their building administrator.

High School: 419.898.6216 

Intermediate School:  419.898.6219

R.C. Waters Elementary:  419.898.6219 

Reported Bullying Incidents

2023-24 1st Semester

High School: 3

Intermediate School: 0

R.C. Waters Elementary School: 0

Anti-Bullying Policy at Benton-Carroll-Salem Schools

The Benton-Carroll-Salem School District strives to provide an environment where every student feels safe, respected and welcomed, and where every staff member can serve students in an atmosphere that is free from significant disruptions and obstacles that impede learning and performance. Bullying can have a harmful social, physical, psychological and/or academic impact on students who are the targets of bullying behaviors, students who engage in bullying behaviors, and bystanders that observe acts of bullying. 

The School District does not allow bullying behavior toward students by students, by school employees, or by volunteers on school/District grounds, at school/District-sponsored activities, or in transportation to and from school or school/District-sponsored activities.