Guy L. Parmigian, Ph.D. 


Superintendent's Remarks

Welcome to the Benton-Carroll-Salem Schools! It is a privilege to serve as the Superintendent of the Benton-Carroll-Salem School District and to be responsible for providing our students with world-class educational programming, as well as exceptional co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities. The committed staff of B-C-S work each day to prepare our students for the challenges of citizenship, post-secondary education, and careers. As Superintendent, I am committed to working closely with our Treasurer and Board of Education to ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent efficiently and effectively. In addition, I am also committed to building strong relationships within our community, and to keeping lines of communication open. Parents, families, and all district stakeholders must work together in the interests of all B-C-S students. Let us honor our past and continue to build for the future!

Please see below for a listing of our administrative team.   If you have any questions comments or concerns, please call me at 419.898.6210 or email me at


Guy L. Parmigian, Ph.D.

Twitter: @BCS_Supt

School District Strategic Mission and Goals


Benton-Carroll-Salem School District employees will not distribute to students any announcements, flyers, literature, bulletins of any sort from persons/organizations outside the school district without approval from the Superintendent.  Outside activities/ organizations are defined as groups not under direction of the B-C-S Board of Education.  (Examples include: Cub Scouts, YMCAs, Travel Teams etc.) With prior Superintendent approval, literature/flyers/announcements may be made available to students and parents in the lobby or common area of school buildings for informational purposes.

 Parent’s Guide to the Rights of Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness

School delays and closings

I want you to know that the decision to delay or close school is one of my most important responsibilities.  Each situation is judged on a case by case basis with the safety of students being the most important consideration.  When we have news of impending hazardous weather ranging from fog to snow, we spend a great deal of time monitoring forecasts, driving roads to check conditions, and talking with local officials.

As a general rule, the decision to call a two hour delay of school is made and communicated by 6:00 AM.  If we are on a two hour delay, the decision to close school is made and communicated by 8:00 AM.  The primary communication is through the LightSpeed Instant Alert System.  It is critical that you keep your phone number/email updated through Final Forms if you wish to receive school alerts.  The decision to close or delay school is also communicated to local TV and radio stations. 

Our school district also shares a great deal of news and information using social media and a “Benton-Carroll-Salem LSD” App for smart phones.  We encourage you to download our App, and to follow us on our social media platforms.  Please see the reverse side of this letter for more information. 

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have.  

Below is a listing of key district phone numbers.

B-C-S Board of Education Office             419-898-6210

Oak Harbor High School 419-898-6216

Athletic Dept., Food Service Dept.            419-898-6216

Transportation Dept.                                   419-898-6214

Oak Harbor Middle School                         419-898-6217

R.C. Waters Elementary School                 419-898-6219

 Student Services Dept.                              419-898-3280

Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable school year!  Go Rockets!

Guy Parmigian, Superintendent

Director: Victoria Coffman

11661 West State Route 163

Oak Harbor, OH 43449

Phone: 419.898.6216

School Nurse 

Director: Nicole Glaser

220 East Ottawa Street

Oak Harbor, OH 43449

Phone: 419.898.6219

Director: James Kennedy

11661 West State Route 163

Oak Harbor, OH 43449

Phone: 419.898.6210