2023 yearbooks will be ready for pickup in the fall of 2023.  A message will be posted here when they arrive.  Students  in 8th-12th grade for the 2023 school year will receive their book during school.

Questions?  Email Mrs. Gilbert at egilbert@bcssd.com

Meet the Yearbook Staff

Reese Adkins

I worked on the 7th and 8th grade yearbook.

Vanessa Swartzlander

I took pictures at concerts and sporting events.

Ainsley Chovan

I designed the cafeteria cuisine page and worked on layouts.

Jackie Henn

I helped with a little of everything.  I worked on some play props, took pictures, and helped naming people in the book.

Rylie Harder

I helped with the calendar and naming people in the book.

Rachel Young

I mostly worked on sports and took pictures.

Ric Edinger

I helped make everyone laugh during yearbook class.  

Madison White

I designed the yearbook covers and other graphics in the book.

Ashley Schiller

I organized the pictures and helped name students in the book.

Sam Hinkle

I reminded Mrs. Gilbert about different events that we needed to take pictures at and attended events to photograph.

Trista Chaseen

I worked on the senior section of the book and sports with Rachel.

Emma Hand

I took pictures of students in classes for the subject pages and helped name students. 

Alyse Sorge

I worked on the 7th & 8th yearbook this year.