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Oak Harbor High School

Mrs. Cheryl Schell

High School Principal


11661 W. State Rt. 163

Oak Harbor, OH  43449


11661 West State Route 163Oak Harbor, OH 43449Phone: 419.898.6216Fax: 419.898.0116

Hello Parents/Guardians

Our school uses Securly to keep students safe on their school‐issued devices.  Securly offers you the opportunity to monitor your child's internet activity right from your phone.  In the SecurlyHome app, you’ll have a real-time view of your child's activity on their school device. You'll also get a weekly email from Securly with a snapshot report of that activity.

To Get Started

Fill out the Google Form with your information

When you sign up for Securly, you should receive an email within 48 hours notifying you of how you can setup SecurlyHome app on your phone along with other great features to monitor your student’s internet activity.  For safety measures, your name and email address MUST be the primary one in our school DASL system as this will be verified.  Please note that this is only available on School issued devices (Chromebooks). Phones, Family Computers, iPads are not supported.

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