5 County Invitational Art Show

Oak Harbor High School students had tremendous amount of success at the 55th Annual 5 County Invitational Art Show.  Students from Erie, Ottawa, Wood, Sandusky, and Seneca counties competed at Oak Harbor High School on April 22 & 23.  Listed below are the Oak Harbor High School winners, as well as some of the students with their amazing art pieces. Congratulations to everyone who participated. 

2022-2023 5 County Invitational Art Show Ribbon Winners

Best of Show 3D- Jorie Petters

People’s Choice Award- Alivia Goetz

1-Alivia Goetz-Acrylic- Objective

1- Macey Parker- Acrylic-Nonobjective 

1- Brianna Sensmeier-Watercolor- Objective

1- Parker Stewart- Perfect Copy

1- Trist Chasteen- Chalk Pastel- Objective

1- Levi Snodgrass- Jewelry- Metal

1- Kateri Glenn- sculpture Subtractive

1- Jorie Peters- Mixed Media 3D

1- Charli Clark- Prints Intaglio

1- Cammie Lake- Crafts- Woods

1- Levi Snodgress- Ceramic Sculpture

2- Elize Mollison- Watercolor-Objective

2- Brianna Sensmeier- Acrylic- Objective

2- Levi Snodgrass- Jewelry- Metal

2- Derek Lochotzki- Sculpture Subtractive

2- Claire Adkins- Pencil- Multi Color- Objective

2- Isaac Fleming- Ceramics Sculpture

2- Ashley Schiller- Ceramics (Handbuilt)

2- Cammie Lake- Crafts- Woods

3- Jorie Peters- Oil Figurative

3- Jimmy Kingery-Ink (Multicolor)

3- Isabel Jensen- Pencil- Multi Color- Objective

3-Jorie Peters- Pencil- Single Color- Figurative

3- Ashley Schiller- Chalk Pastel-Figurative

3- Phoebe Lenke-Craft (Glass)

3- Derek Lochotzki- Sculpture Addition 

3- Claire Adkins- Scratchboard

HM- Ashley Schiller- Sculpture Addition

HM- Alivia Goetz- Ink (Single Color)

HM- Claire Adkins- Pencil- Multi Color- Objective

HM- Jorie Peters- Mixed Media 3D

HM- Alivia Goetz- Scratchboard

HM- Parker Stewart-Ceramics (Handbuilt)

HM- Breanna Sensmeier- Pencil-Single Color-Objective

HM- Abby Schiller- Crafts- Paper Collage

HM- Ashley Schiller- Ceramics (Sculpture)

HM- Trista Chasteen- 2D Mixed Media

HM- Claire Adkins- Acrylic- Objective

Claire Adkins

Phoebe Lenke

Colleen Barron

Jorie Peters

Art Classes

OHHS art students have been busy learning new techniques, materials, artists, eras, among many other aspects of art.  Some favorite projects this year include ice cream value studies, subtractive soap sculptures, lego perspective drawing, clay vessels, silver solder pendants, copper enameling, digital magazine covers, and learning to write in cursive while designing illuminated manuscripts.  

Isaac Fleming

Ashley Schiller

Jorie Peters

Kateri Glenn

Digital Art

Figure Drawing

Kaitlyn Meloche

Elise Mollison

Art Club

7th & 8th art club, and high school art club created many wonderful memories this year. Between weekly meetings and projects, face painting at various events, an outstanding halloween party, Christmas party, trip to The Toledo Museum of Art, fundraisers, community art classes, among other activities, this was a group who made their presence known.  The amount of talent, energy, and excitement about art was unmeasurable. 

Halloween Party

Toledo Museum of Art trip

Halloween Party

Face Painting at Otis Elementary

Toledo Museum of Art

Paper Quilling

In a Bob Ross painting


Matt Wedel Meet and Greet

Celebrating National Women's Month at TMA

Musical Instruments at TMA

Picture booth at TMA