Oak Harbor High School is proud to announce that the 53rd Annual Five-County Invitational Art Show was held on April 18, virtually.

Art teachers from Erie, Ottawa, Sandusky, Seneca, and Wood Counties virtually displayed quality artworks created by students. Various student artwork (both three-dimensional and two-dimensional) were judged by University of Toledo art professors.

The public is invited to view this exhibit using the link below.


Oak Harbor Ribbon Winners

Justin Meloche- 1st Place- Multicolor Ink

Elizabeth Mitchell- 3rd Place- Multicolor Ink

Madison Szymanowski- 3rd Place- Graphite Single Color-Objective

Serena Kavanaugh- 2nd Place- Graphite Single Color-Figurative

Serena Kavanaugh- Honorable Mention- Graphite Single Color-Figurative

Ashley Schiller- Honorable Mention- Scratchboard

Kateri Glenn- 1st Place- Dry Pastel-Objective

Paige Clue- 1st Place- Dry Pastel-Figurative

Phoebe Lenke- 1st Place- Oil Pastel-Objective

Andrew Swartzlander- 1st Place- Oil Pastel-Figurative

Serenca Kavanaugh- Honorable Mention- 2D Mixed Media

Carley Stevens- 2nd Place- 3D Mixed Media

Serena Kavanaugh- 3rd Place- 3D Mixed Media

Maggie Puckett- Honorable Mention- 3D Mixed Media

Alexandra Rohloff- 1st Place- Ceramic-Hand Built

Alexandra Rohloff- 1st Pace- Ceramic-Wheel Thrown

Alexandra Rohloff- 2nd Pace- Ceramic-Wheel Thrown

Alexandra Rohloff- 3rd Pace- Ceramic-Wheel Thrown

Alexandra Rohloff- Honorable Mention- Ceramic-Wheel Thrown

Emma Wendt- 1st Place- Ceramic Sculpture

Andrew Swartzlander- Honorable Mention- Ceramic Sculpture

Jayden Harder- 3rd Place- Crafts-Woods

Emma Raber- Honorable Mention- Watercolor-Figurative

Maggie Puckett- Honorable Mention- Watercolor-Figurative

Emma Wendt- 1st Place- Acrylic-Objective

Serena Kavanaugh- Honorable Mention- Acrylic- Objective

Mia Arias- 2nd Place- Acrylic- Non Objective

Emma Raber- 2nd Place- Computer Graphics

Mia Arias- 1st Place- Jewelry (Metal)

3D Best of Show- Alexandra Rohloff

3D Best of Show Runner Up- Alexandra Rohloff