Benton-Carroll-Salem School District

11685 W. State Route 163, Oak Harbor, OH 43449

Phone: 419.898.6210

Fax: 419.898.4303

Enrollment and Registration

Thank you for your interest in Benton-Carroll-Salem School District

Registration guidelines for NEW and RETURNING students

Benton-Carroll-Salem Local Schools has centralized its student registration process for your convenience.

Please contact the Board of Education Office:

11685 W. State Route 163

Oak Harbor, Ohio 43449


We will then speak to you about the process to enroll your student in our district and make an appointment for you to return documents that are needed.  All registrations require an appointment.

We are asking that ALL parents of  Benton-Carroll-Salem students use FinalForms. 


Required documents:

Frequently Asked Questions About Enrolling Your Child:

What if I want to enroll my student through open enrollment?

Open Enrollment Application

When can I enroll my child in B-C-S?

The Benton-Carroll-Salem School District accepts new students throughout the school year and the summer. Enrollment is done at our Central Registration Office, located in the B-C-S Board Office, 11685 W. State Route 163, Oak Harbor, Ohio. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 419-898-6210.

Do I pay school fees when I enroll my child?

No, you may pay your school fees at the designated fee payment days, held each year in August if you are enrolling in the summer.  If you are enrolling during the school year then a letter will be sent to you on what you will owe.

When can my child begin attending their new school?

We like to get your child in school as soon as possible after registration. The Central Registration Office will contact your child's new school, and tell you when you may send your child to school.

How do I get a class schedule for my Middle School or High School student?

The Central Registration Office will help you make an appointment with your child's guidance counselor, who will meet with you and your child to schedule their classes.

How do I get my child's previous school records transferred to B-C-S?

School districts cannot release official records directly to parents. A parent's signature is needed to release the records to a new district. When you register your child in B-C-S, you will fill out a records request form. The Central Registration Office will fax that form directly to your child's previous school, and the records will be sent to the Central Registration Office.

How will I know which bus my child will be riding?

If the time of registration is during the school year, the Central Registration Office will give you the contact information for the transportation department.  If you register your child during the summer, you will be notified before the first day of school.

How can I meet my child's new principal, teachers, and other staff?

The Central Registration Office will help you establish a time when you can meet building personnel.