Oak Harbor Middle School

315 N. Church Street,  Oak Harbor, OH 43449

Phone: 419-898-6217   

Principal: Mr. Laramie Spurlock

Assistant Principal: Mrs. Leigh Carroll

Guidance Counselor: Mrs. Beth Sugalski

Secretaries: Mrs. Jackie Macko and Mrs. Brooke Sandwisch

Oak Harbor Middle School Mission Statement

Our Mission at OHMS is to develop strong relationships with our students, parents, and community that will help foster high academic achievement.  We will be intentional and consistent in all we do in order to maximize student performance.  We will create lessons and activities that engage all learners and help develop a sense of belonging for every student. Our students will leave OHMS with an understanding on how to impact their community, country, and the world!

2017-2018 District Student Handook


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